KERA was created for part time real estate brokers & agents who want to maximize their income

We are a real estate brokerage for part time agents who still have business to do and want to ensure they get paid on their practice, and they should! There is only so much time in a day and the reality is that people are now more busier than ever. By partnering with KERA Property Brokers, you can leverage your time and your network by referring deals to KERA for a fast and easy close. We keep you in touch with the deal through the use of technology and regular email updates. We are committed to sound business practices and our experienced agents will walk your referral right through to the closing of the deal and the cashing of your paycheck. ​​

After spending the time and effort of getting licensed, even if you are not in the real estate field full time, shouldn't you still get paid for your business?

About Katrina Eileen

What defines Katrina Eileen is family! Katrina wears multiple hats being a mother, as well as an entrepreneur and real estate investor, but it is with the same caring and energitic approach to all areas of life that makes her such a unique individual. When you engage as a client or broker with any of the Katrina Eileen companies, you feel like one of the family.​ The common thread when dealing with Katrina in her real estate business is a competent understanding of the technical aspects, above and beyond the average broker, as well as a level of caring that is unseen in other real estate professionals. Many say these types of things, but Katrina is the real deal.   

Katrina is an accomplished author and investor of real estate having over 20 years of experience in all areas including: development, construction, finance, rehabs, buy and flips, educator  and property management. When you work with Katrina you are dealing with one of a handful of people who can really show you the ropes in real estate because she has done the deals and has the experience to back it up. When compared to most brokers who rarely own more than the home they live in, Katrina has and continues to grow her real estate portfolio throughout the Puget Sound Region. 
Katrina Eileen
Managing Broker
Katrina Eileen is the Managing Broker of Katrina Eileen Referral Associates, a real estate property brokerage  which is one in a family of four Katrina Eileen companies serving the needs of brokers and real estate consumers. Katrina Eileen sister companies include a full-service real estate brokerage (Katrina Eileen Real Estate), a construction company and a property management company. WIth over two decades of experience Katrina can help you in all phases of real estate transactions.