Your clients are yours to keep
Customarily, when one broker refers a client to another broker, the receiving broker takes responsibility for the client relationship and owns it forevermore. That makes it difficult for a referring broker to build a book of business. When a Referral Associate refers a client to a KE broker, the KE broker manages the transaction, but the Referral Associate continues to own the relationship. That way, it’s possible for a Referral Associate to build a book of business and a recurring revenue stream.
Investing education and mentoring
Katrina believes conventional broker education is sorely lacking a key focus: teaching brokers to build wealth using the asset class that they know best. Katrina—a successful real estate investor herself—leads live, semi-monthly, interactive training webinars covering all aspects of real estate investing. Members of all four companies are welcome to attend. We highly recommend this training for those who have a serious interest in building wealth. Katrina also makes herself available for one-on-one consultation as brokers’ investing transactions progress.

Career path
Referral Associates are welcome to become full-brokerage team members (and vice-versa) at any time. They may also transition to the property management or
construction divisions if a position exists that matches their skill set. We are ready to make a partnership with you that will empower you in any way possible!